Welcome to the Soulwind Prayer Group!

This prayer group welcomes everyone who wants to combine individual prayer into a greater network of people who share the same vision and who are on the same wavelength.

We, the 3 initiators Barbara Bussmeyer, Melian Ogg and myself Carolina Visser, are grateful our path unites in the love we share for life on earth and the life of all sentient beings who live here.
Please read my words below before you join the Circle and perform the connecting-ceremony for yourself. My sharing below will help you connect to our vision. When your heart is touched by what we write in our mission, you are very welcome to join us.
In the end, you find a practical overview of the steps to take in this connection-ceremony.

All life is sacred,

Carolina Visser

Below you can read our shared vision.
Click here to read some practical impulses for prayer.
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  1. Vision of shared prayer, shared focus, shared intention.

The shared vision
is the love for life on earth, for all sentient beings, and the earth itself. Many people are already praying by themselves or in groups. It is in the collective alignment of prayer and thought that change is born. And we all create that collective field together. Let us give it our best and most pure loving thoughts and prayers in order to increase that consciousness of interconnectedness of all life.
If our vision resonates with you, we invite you to connect in prayer with us every first Tuesday of the month and focus your prayer on the theme for that day. The first 3 times, we will give roots to this group and set the foundation by themes each one of us shares. Then we will choose from themes you send us and/or what we think is needed at the time. I am confident the themes we choose will be in resonance with your wishes and the information coming out of the Knowing Field.

It is our hope, that more circles are created. If you feel the call, start your own circle. All the members of your circle can join this group, so the energy is bundled.
If you are already in a existing circle and feel it is in harmony with our vision, you and all the members of your group are welcome to join in every 21 days. As a circle facilitator, you will receive an extra mail with our ground rules. Just a handful of rules that support our vision and support the continuity of this Soulwind Prayer group as we have no hierarchic structure.

Here are some words we gathered to express the energy of our Mission:
The basic energy of all our prayer work in this group is pure love / all life is sacred, our prayer embraces all sentient beings equally /we are responsible for our part in this prayer circle and act according to our own words in prayer (we walk our talk) / respect / openness / kindness/ clarity /free of dogma (all spiritual directions and religions are welcome) /dignity.

2. How it started

In the last decade Spirit has shown me several times, that it is time to unite many beautiful but isolated actions and bundle these energies. Why? These energies and intentions can form a kind of laser beam into the network of light that connects us all. It can be seen as a grid of light, also called the collective field, or morphogenetic field, the Knowing Field or quantum field. I have worked with these multidimensional fields for a long time now. So I have never worked alone. When it comes to working in the visible world though, I have grown comfortable in working in (our) my own flow. I had to stretch myself over the last years and gather my courage. This Prayer group is one of the projects that came out of that process. My work and the yearly lodges of the elders have always been in tune with it. But it is more about gathering and uniting now. Like in the Gathering off the Staffcarriers on 22. February 2020.

It is easy to connect to Spiritworld from the Soulwindplace as there is a strong 'bridge' going up from here. It leads to a white circle in the Web of Light, I call the 'Soulwindknot'. I realize this is the organic result of many prayers, teachings and healings. The lightknot is growing with every thought it receives that is similar. It expands and leads this energy into the Web of Light. Many of you have added their energy and love to it. You have spoken words of love and healing, sang prayers, connected to your soul here, to spirit world, joined teachings and ceremonies, the lodge of the elders in summertime or came here to help in the garden. You have all made this beam of light stronger. It has turned into a wonderful steady bridge that makes it easier to access spirit world from here and for spirits to reach you more easily.

3. Connect to the bridge (use your own startingpoint or use the bridge from the Soulwindplace to connect to the 'Soulwind Knot of Light').

You can start from any entry point you like that works for you and then greet the 'Soulwind light knot' from up there. This combines our energie and intention into a strong laser like focus. You can also start your journey thinking of the Soulwindplace. there is a strong bridge going up from here that connects the Soulwindplace to the Web of Light. If you know me personally and know the Soulwind place, you simply imagine being here, invite your helpers, raise your energy level and use this bridge for a quick start.
If you do not know me personally and you want to use this bridge, you can greet the snowy owl, she will bring us together. Or connect through one of the many photos in the picture gallery.

4.  Add your prayer of connection and interconnectedness of all life

After you have connected, pray your own prayer of connectedness.
Follow your own flow, honor your helpers and teachers and people who are important to your
spiritual path. Connection to our group prayer starts with and what you are connected to, that which gives you strength.

If you are not so experienced in shamanic prayer yet, here are some ideas that might inspire you,
but remember.. it is about finding your own creative way to communicate with Spirit world.
Stay mindful about the thoughts and words you use, be aware to raise your energielevel to rise above your own fears or doubtful thoughts or to rise above collective fears and thoughts. You can create change when you bring a higher level of energy into the web. Otherwise things will not change or your subconscious doubts or fears will bring only more of the same. it is ok to be aware of your fear, just find words that are positive and tune into images and memories that are filled with beauty, harmony, love and creative thoughts.
Your thoughts and feelings have enormous power! May they raise the energie of love, faith, harmony, clarity and abundance in the collective Field.
I invite you to speak or sing the words that have meaning for you..  like Goddess, God, Great Spirit, Creation, The source, Divine Light, Zero Point Field ..

Inspiration for your prayer:
you can read this for inspiration and/or listen to the voice message I will post in the Prayer group March 10th.

Create an altar especially for this ceremony of connection. For this prayer that raises the consciousness in you and humanity that all life is sacred and connected. Put objects on your altar that have a deep meaning to your experience of interconnectedness. Photos of people or places you love, feathers, stones, your rattle… etc….

Center yourself. Give thanks to the elements for your life /make a little offering in your garden or on your balcony/ thank your helpers and spirits / thank your teachers and people who have touched your heart on your path in life / than pray whatever comes to mind, like a conversation, you will get in a flow and the words will come intuitively /say the same thing in different words , it all adds to the power of your prayer / if your words dry up (and they will because your trance gets deeper) continue in silence or with a song or in slow dancing.. /Breathe the energy of your song or silence or dance into your prayer and imagine it crossing the bridge over and over again making the Knot of Light shine brighter and brighter / remember that you are not the only one today praying, and connect to the other ones you know and do not know / they all share the same love for life you have and all are joining today/ some were here earlier today, some will come later /but you are all connected/ thank the others for their love and prayer / tell them how it encourages you, how it strengthens you to know you are not alone…

As you might feel, I am just writing this as it comes, following my associations and intuition. All is welcome as long as it is connected to your hart and the greater good of all. I encourage you to get in a flow ...and you will recognize it is like making a shamanic journey. A space beyond time and place where you communicate with ‘That which is Greater than Us’ and it will communicate with you. Send you energy and information through the channels /senses you have developed over time. It may be seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, or just knowing suddenly something is true.

In the beginning you need to concentrate more, preparing your altar and reading my words will help you with that. Some time there will be a silence, than just relax, breath in and out and another impulse may come again. Try to let go of ‘working’ on your prayer, finding words.
The words will find you and so will Spirit.

5. Give Thanks

Thank the group for working together today. Thank those who do the same as we do somewhere else in the world. Speak words of gratitude to those spiritual pioneers who came long before us, who paved our path, kept wisdom alive of how all live is connected and sacred, the shamans, seers, medicine people, wisdom keepers, healers, witches, those who lived and even died for being connected to spirit world. And last but not least..I like to thank those who are still to come.

End your prayer with words that express your thanks and leave what will happen next in the hands of Spirit. Speak words like..’May all this be for the greater good of all’ ,’may this prayer contribute to the wellbeing of all sentient beings’.
AHE, AHO, AMEN, Hail, Blessed be, So be it, Namaste, Mahalo etcetera. Choose what feels best for you.
Speak these last words 3 times or 4 times to each direction of the wheel
give your breath …whoouuuuuhh… in the space in front of you.. up in the Web of Light.

Now it is done.
Wrap your objects, maybe smudge yourself and the space and have a cup of tea or something that brings you back completely in the present.

and may you be blessed,

Carolina Visser


  1. Read the above before you connect in prayer
  2. If you know others who would resonate with our mission, invite them to join.
    you can send the link forward.
  3. Prepare yourself, create your altar (stones or other symbols for the 4 directions, drum, rattle, staff, etc.)
  4. Make yourself as hollow and empty as possible
  5. Connect to spirit World, connect to the Web of Light  starting at your own entry point or
    starting at the Soulwind-entry point by connecting to this place and the Snowy Owl through memory,
  6. Now cross the bridge, journey up in your own speed, in your own way into the Web of Light.
    Connect to the Soulwind Lightknot directly or after you entered through your own entry point..
  7. Pray
  8. Give Thanks